Dress up days for a 3 year old

Who turns three today.  And it just killed me!  For some reason, his birthday always makes me so nostalgic.  Partly because of his birth coincided with the last move, and that turned into 3-year-old signals that it's time for us to pack up and leave again.  Ugh.  Leaving is always the hardest part - so, I'm excited about the new home and another chance.  But it breaks my heart every time I say goodbye to friends, and a place, I have come to love.  But more of that later...

Look who's three!!

dress up days dress

I don't know what it is about her, but she breaks the tension, makes me laugh and smile and soothes my frazzled self when I need it. I don't know if that comes with being #3 or being doted on as the baby or what. But she's been a bright spot in the past year full of deployment stress and all of that fun stuff.
dress up days dress - twirlability
Shari from Doohikey Designs for Riley Blake sent me some of her darling Dress Up Days fabric to make babylouwho a dress. I love this pattern so much (Simplicity 5695) that this is the 3rd dress I've made with it!  It comes together so easily and is so comfortable to wear!  And easy to adapt to whatever fabric you might have on hand!

dress up days dress - fabric close up
I just love the bicycles and the flowers and the chevrons and the tiles!  It was the perfect fit for this pattern.

dress up days dress
I left the elastic out of the sleeves on this one, just for a change and I really like the way it looks!

dress up days dress
I told her a few weeks ago that she wasn't allowed to turn 3. She looked at me very seriously and said, "OK mommy. I won't turn 3". A week or so later one of my friends asked her how old she would be on her birthday and straight faced replied, "I'm not allowed to turn 3."

So excuse me while I mourn the loss of my newborn and celebrate her spunky 3 year old self!

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