Sew and Tell

Hi there! New to sew & tell?  Glad you are joining us!  The more the merrier I always say.

Here are two posts I have written about the whys of sew and tell:  a survey and re-instituting the rules. 

Sew & Tell started out as a little challenge amongst friends.  You can see the post that started it all here.

There was such a great response when I opened it up to others that I thought we should do it every week!  I really want to encourage people to triumph in their finishes whether great or small. It's also motivating to have a 'deadline' of sorts each week.  I know it's kept me sewing.

I have brought on several sew and tell regulars to help with the weekly posting.  As you can imagine, some weeks things just don't get finished!  So keep your eye open for some fabulous posts from my friends and fellow bloggers to include (but not limited to):
     Kim - My Go Go Life
     Sara - Sew Sweetness
     Pink - Pinksuedeshoe
     Nicole - Who Does These Things
     Penny - Sewtakeahike

The rules for sew & tell were established in order to create a forum each week praise each other's work and motivate others to join us.  To be fair, everyone needs to play along (simple blog courtesy) so that our time looking through the links is well spent.  :) Links that do not adhere will be deleted.

I've decided to limit the links each week to 30, this makes the group a little more manageable and visiting everyone a little bit less daunting.

Here are the guidelines/rules/stipulations/annoyances.
1. Link to your specific post about a sewing related finish you had THIS week. 
  • Here's a great explanation for linking to your specific post/permalink.
2. Please mention Sew & Tell and link back to the post so everyone can join in.
It doesn't have to be anything big, just so that we can encourage more people to join in the fun!  There are a few ways you can do this:
  • Mention Sew & Tell in your post with the button.
  • Mention Sew & Tell in your post and have the button on your sidebar or blog.
  • Link to Sew & Tell ( in  your post.
  • If you are linking to a post that you wrote earlier in the week, just be sure you add a little note before you link up!
3. Pat each other on the backs in the comments!
  • Spend some time looking at everyone's things.  It's really fun and everyone loves a nice comment, right?
Here is a snazzy button and the code to add to your post and/or blog:


I really do want to reply to each comment and comment on every link - but some weeks it's just too much. But I promise I will do my best to do one or the other!

And thank you to everyone who comes each week and is so supportive.  I really value all of you!

Click here to go to the most recent sew & tell post!!