Saturday, October 13, 2012

Instagram round up from yesterday

I've been documenting on Instagram what I've been doing since I'm #notgoingtosewingsummit ! I thought I'd share here in the virtual sewing room! It's super fun to check out the #sewingsummit feed too! There is so much fun going on over there!!

I love seeing what all of you are working on this weekend! Keep linking up! I've put the same linky at the end of this post too, so you only have to link up on one post, it will just carry thought the weekend!
Instaclass of the weekend.  If you are working with something slippery or stretchy, pin the heck out of it!
baby blanket for a soon to be niece!
botched hem job getting fixed
And here is the finished hem.  It looks way better than when I got it.  The mom was happy too.
My quilt partner is crime came over to sew and she worked on some snowballs...
And I spray basted this quilt (that she pieced).  Quilting to happen shortly.

Keep calm, and sew on! (and get a drink!)

And party on!!

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Amys Crafty Shenanigans said...

Love the plus sign quilt - is there a pattern for that?