Tuesday, February 26, 2013

springy baby irish chain

I've talked about my partner in baby quilt crime before - we live in a baby prolific area and have teamed up on many projects over the last couple of years. And most recently we have churned out about 4 baby quilt in almost as many weeks!! It's been a little crazy. Brynn is normally the piecer with myself doing the quilting and we've swapped around who does the binding.  But we've been able to work together to give a gift that both of our hands have made.  And I really love that.

Admittedly, Brynn has a pretty amazing hefty stash that we've worked from.  Plus she's great at quilt math and is a very precise piecer.  I've gotten comfortable in my role as the quilter and actually really enjoy free motion quilting these smaller quilts.

However, on this particular quilt I had all of these fun scraps leftover from my scrappy trip around the world quilt.  And I wanted to contribute materials too so I offered to piece the top. I really love an Irish Chain and after watching this awesome tutorial, from the Missouri Quilt Co, was super inspired to get it going!

All my end scraps from the scrappy trip along strips. I feel a mine patch coming on.
So I started with my scraps and some trusty Kona Snow and made up some nine-patches.  Side note: I love chain piecing.  Side note 2: all photos here taken on my iPhone 5 and don't look as good blown up.  Please forgive me.
My little irish chain is shaping up! All that work and only 9 blocks. How many more do I need @brynn79 ? #imanimpatientquilter
I started to get really excited as I started laying out the nine patches with the solid blocks.
Shaping up nicely. #irishchain
And even more excited when I got it all put together and thought about backing it with the aqua chevron and binding it with the red dots!
Small miracle. Quilt top finished in less than a week. Finished size 36 x 42. Aqua chevron back red polka for binding. #iwanttokeepit
I then packaged it up and sent it to Brynn for quilting and binding and a good washing.  Side note 3: the sun was really bright at the shower.
The big picture.
And here's a quick detail of the quilting and binding.  Brynn is also super proficient in her binding skills, they always look so nice and crisp.  Side note 4: in a house with poor night lighting and phone camera photos sometimes Kona white gets mixed in with the snow and you don't notice until you get it in some real daylight *smacks head*.
It's finished!! Yay @brynn79 for quilting and binding it!
I do love the way this quilt turned out. The colors seemed really cheery to me and perfect for our friend who is having her 3rd baby and 3rd girl.  Aqua is the new pink.  Did you know?

I have several more baby quilts to share.  How about we have a baby quilt exclusive sew & tell soon?

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moonlightsewing said...

This is super cute. OF COURSE aqua is the new pink. Your friend and I are in the same club. Our Girl #3 is due next month (YIKES!!).

Katy Cameron said...

Love this take on an Irish Chain, in fact, I could almost bring myself to try it...

Wens said...

I love this quilt! So cute and such a good way to use up some smallish scraps.

MamaLadyBug said...

Your combination of aqua and red calmed by the freshness of solid background truly makes this quilt! I absolutely LOVE it!!!

Rebecca Grace said...

3rd baby, 3rd girl? PANG! I have two boys but always wanted a girl. Turning 40 in 2 months (blech) and my husband is 45. I know I'm an old goat already but I feel like there are really supposed to be some tutus and Barbie dolls in this house -- aqua ones, I guess. The tutus (NOT the Barbies!). I've been trying to convince him to go one more try for several years now and I feel like my Big Birthday is the day that door slams shut for good. I mean, I love the snot out of my boys and wouldn't trade them for the world -- I just feel like there's a little daughter who is missing from our dinner table, you know?

Good Lord -- this has NOTHING to do with your lovely baby quilt. I think it gives your quilt a bit of vintage flair that you mixed up two shades of white. You see that a lot in antique quilts, where the makers did not have the luxury of our local quilt shops and had to make do with what they had on hand.

Maybe I should bring my husband to a bed and breakfast in your town where something in the water turns everyone pregnant with girls... Where did you say you lived? ;-)

The Ambler Fam said...

Absolutely adorable!! I wish I had even an ounce of your talent :D The corresponding patterns you choose always are amazing and blend perfectly. Way to go!

The Reader said...

Adorable!! That's a really great design, and I agree with the poster who said the different shades of white give it a lovely vintage feel. I've got a precious patchwork on my son's bed that my great grandmother made, and yep, those whites don't all match, at all. Lovely!

Michele said...

Really pretty. And just so I don't have the same smack head moment, I always pin a post it note to my solids with the brand name and color. It is way to easy, especially at night, to get them mixed up.

Dee said...

Sew very sweet!

Jean said...

Love this quilt. And the colors are fabulous. Love the idea of a baby quilt sew and tell!

Val said...

Wow. This is gorgeous!

Shay said...

I love it! You two are a dynamic duo!