Monday, February 25, 2013

Modern Basics II

Hi friends!  I'm really excited to share with you Modern Basics II! This is the second book by one of my first (and sweetest) blogging friends, Amy of Amy's Creative Side.
This is Amy's follow up book to Modern Basics and once again has charmed us with 14 modern designs with easy to understand instructions for creating the quilts in a variety of sizes. The book is full of gorgeous photos of each quilt along with color coded instructional diagrams.  I also love the quilting basics section in the back of the book. I always learn something new!

In looking through the book, one of the things that stood out to me the most was Amy's comments at the beginning of the book. That she created all of these quilts amid the busy-ness of caring for her family, without a designated sewing space impresses me, not just with her organization skills but her encouragement that these quilts really are attainable for any quilter, any skill level, and any situation.

I always get intimidated when starting a project, it usually puts me off.  But her clear cutting and piecing instructions, with diagrams, make the process understandable, and less scary. And then I start thinking of fabrics to pull to start another project!

Modern Exchange is an example of how 2 simple blocks alternated can make a beautiful and interesting quilt top. Shown here, the large focal print jumps out at you, while putting it together with more solids/small scale prints would achieve a completely different look.
Amy asked us to share a favorite tip or tool with you. My favorite tool is also a tip, and maybe a bit unconventional. Recently, I've been working with a friend on a lot of baby quilts. My sewing companion is my iPad. From watching (or-re watching) my favorite shows while sewing, looking up a tutorial, referencing a quilt top layout, or getting quick feedback on Instagram when I need it--it really has become a staple when I'm sewing! Maybe I'm just addicted a gadget geek, but it really helps me keep information at my fingertips! In fact, I read Modern Basic II in e-book form!

Go to Amy's post to find out how to win your own copy! There you will find links to see more of the quilts and find out how to get an extra entry by going on a scavenger hunt and filling out this form.  There will be 15 copies given away and Amy's plans to share some fun things from her stash as well!

Just for fun let me in on your favorite tip or tool in the comments! Am I crazy for loving my iPad?!

8 crafty mcCrafters commented:

Grandma G said...

I agree with you about the iPad! Mine is always right next to me as I sew. I put any downloadable patterns/tutorials in iBooks so I can view them there instead of printing them out. I have the iPad on a charging speaker, and I can listen to Pandora at the same time! :)

Katy Cameron said...

I don't own any kind of tablet, but my favourite tool right now is a roll of masking tape to hold my quilting guide in place on my walking foot :oD

Rebecca Grace said...

You know what I use my iPad for? I have several different drawing and/or note taking apps that I use for doodle-practicing free-motion quilting designs. In some of them I can import a photo and draw on that, which is great because I can trace along the lines of someone else's gorgeous feather or fill pattern over and over again, when I'm in line at the bank drive-through or waiting for a doctor's appointment. I think that the iPad doodling really helps shorten the amount of time it takes me to learn a new design at the machine. You know, muscle memory and whatnot. I never thought of watching/listening to television shows or videos on the iPad while I was sewing, though.

Gill said...

I don't have an i-pad but I think my favourite tool would have to be my seam ripper!!

GO STARS! said...

I don't have an ipad, but keep my netbook beside my machine. It comes in handy for watching tutorials while I sew.

Linda in Calif. said...

I'm so old fashioned I print the page and mark off the steps as I go, If something comes up and it sits in the closet for a year (or 5) I know exactly where to start in again. For the first time last weekend I worked using my laptop and it was a different but good.

Alisa said...

I'm loving my ipad in the sewing room too. It's great for Pinterest - easy to look up tutorials or quilts I have pinned. I've been watching Andy Griffith shows on You Tube while doing boring things like cutting or chain piecing. I'm a geek and I don't really mind. :-)

diane said...

I love sewing with my laptop close at hand and my iphone for posting photos to IG. Amy is a super sweety!