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sew & tell- little dresses

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Hello Everyone, it's e from pinksuedeshoe. I'm helping Amy out with Sew&Tell today by sharing a few old projects and one new project. I started sewing for real when I found out I was expecting a little girl who we call Creamie. I started by making her bedding (pictures posted here) before she was born and that is when I realized how much I love to sew. My sewing machine has been living on my dining room table for almost two years now. And my newest favorite is making little dresses. They are fast and easy and she just looks so cute. Which makes it hard to resist making yet another little dress.

The first dress I made was for her blessing. And it was not fast or easy. But I am so glad that I (with a lot of help from my mom) got it finished. I made this one out of batiste. My grandma (who died the year before Creamie was born) would make beautiful handkerchiefs out of batiste and trim them with pretty lace to give to everyone she knew. She was also a wonderful seamstress and everything she made was gorgeous inside and out. I made this dress like she would have, with all the inside seams covered and all the trim sewn on by hand. On the front it has a few pintucks and three pearly buttons. And then a few more buttons in the back as well. I gave the job of sewing on the buttons to my husband. I decided it was important that he was a part of this dress.
My sister in law Stephanie knit her these cute little Mary Jane's to wear on her special day. They fit her long skinny feet perfectly and I am still dying over the little pearl buttons. So so cute!
[ photo's by Nuttall Photography ]

Last June my little sister got married and I made little polka dot dresses for Creamie and my two nieces. I don't have a good picture of the three of them, but I loved this little dress. And she wore it for a good six months, which was also awesome.
This next one is not really a dress, but one of my very favorite things I've sewn for her. For Halloween last year I was Rainbow Brite. My mom and sister made this costume a few years ago. And I turned Creamie into my cute puffy sidekick Twink, complete with rainbow striped tights and star antennae.

I had high hopes for a Christmas dress, but it didn't happen. But by March I had myself pulled together enough to make Creamie an Easter dress from a thrift store sheet.
And just a few weeks ago I made her a new 4th of July dress using this pattern from dana at made. I added the big deep pockets for her to stow her rocks and crayons in. And so far only one rock and one yellow crayon have made it through the wash. But thankfully not the dryer.
(I still can't get over the Converse shoes with the ruffle socks!)

And my finish for this week is another dress using this same pattern. This is the-not-quite-so-purple,-but-more -lavender turtle dress.
I bought this fabric months and months ago. But I couldn't make the dress until she grew into the matching shoes, which I found on clearance for $3 sometime last year.

Putting in the sleeves was a little tricky, seeing as how they aren't a part of the pattern, but I only had to unpick them once. Which makes the whole thing very successful in my mind!

What sewing project did you finish this week?

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18 crafty mcCrafters commented:

Lesly said...

What a sweet dress and sweeter model!

carol said...

Love the cutie. Makes me miss my grandkids. Good thing I get to see three of them next weekend.

Jenn said...

You definitely have a knack for making sweet dresses that fit Creamie so well!

Penny said...

That's so cute and sweet!...the dresses and especially the model ! :)

Nicole said...

I wish I was into dress making for my little girl! I love the gathered bodice on those last two. Now I have guilt.

Rene' said...

Your daughter looks so sweet I can see why you like to make dresses for her! All of them are adorable!

Paulette said...

Oh, that lucky little Creamie! She's going to have such cute outfits growing up. The baptism dress and shoes are so pretty, as are all the dresses. The Rainbow Brite costumes were awesome!

Valerie said...

I'm dying over those Rainbow Brite costumes! As a child of the 80's, that is awesome!

Michelle said...

You must have the best dressed daughter in town! What lovely little dresses. Fun to watch her grow through the pictures too.

You two were just too cute in your Rainbow Sprite costumes.

Elizabeth said...

Pink! I love Creamie's blessing dress! That is so beautiful. You are so creative and thrifty. I love all the fun things you make for Creamie! What a fun guest post.

xo -E

heidikins said...

Dah. She's cute.

Oh, and the sewery is nice. ;o)


Heather said...

super cute projects~!

Quiltpiecer said...

Wow, the dresses are beautiful ... you're a great seamstress! I LOVE the pictures ... all of them! Thanks for sharing!

Vicki said...

The shirred dresses are so adorable!

Elizabeth said...

Amy, I forgot to say -- LOVE the little preview pictures in the Linky this time! Excellent! I hope you'll continue to use them. I love Sew & Tell Fridays!

xo -E

Jan said...

She is a cutie pie! Nice dresses, too!

elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

Those are some amazing dresses/outfits. Love the Halloween outfits!!!!! You are the perfect pair. So excited to be a new follower!

Eileen said...

those dresses are just darling!! the twink is so absolutely adorable on your absoluetly adorable daughter and you look pretty dang cute too!! had to show the hubby little twink costume. i'm not sure i can post my picture--i did finish my newest girlie girl's (granddaughter) quilt top as far as i could go without the extra sashing i need because of miscutting :(, but it's a surprise so only posted a couple corners. if that's ok, i'll try to put the picture on, if not, that's ok. happy to see your wonderful things and all the marvelous things others have done--so impressive

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