Monday, January 14, 2013

I had another birthday.

If you're going to turn 40 you might as well do it eating chocolate waffles and lemon cupcakes! #almostforty #notquiteyet #stillthirtynine #indenial thanks @laurawesty and Christine, Cat and Grandma!!
Fabulous chocolate waffle cookies, awesome birthday candles, tulle puffs, amazing lemon cupcakes!

So I turned 40 a couple of weeks ago. There was a fun little party with all of my favorite foods and lots of my favorite people! It's weird to turn 40, mostly because when you're really young, that sounds REALLY old. But once you're here it's more like, where did the last 20 years go?? I don't feel like I thought 40 would feel! But it's good. I like my 40 better than I thought 40 would be. :)

Things I've learned/I'm not afraid to admit now that I'm 40:
I've realized I can't do everything I think I should be doing, and that's okay.
*on a related note - having a clean house is great, but not always possible (without paid help).
I'm addicted to making friends.
I like Sci-Fi and Westerns.
I'm more of a garment sewer than a quilter - mostly because I like a quick finish!
Having a 2 year old is a good disguise for being 40.
I love a good burger.
Most of my days are fueled by diet Dr. Pepper.
Doing something is better than doing nothing.

So, my birthday present was our trip! And a post-deployment break for the two of us.  It was convenient that it timed well with my 40th and my BIL and SIL's 5th anniversary (we went with them).  I have been supremely spoiled by mrlouwho and it was a great way to start out this new decade!  Here's to being on the young end of something again!

oh and PS - I got an amazing present from a truly thoughtful friend.  We don't live near an IKEA and she picked one of these up for me last time she went! Now I can be part of the cool club!
I do not live by IKEA. But I have a friend who went there last week and surprised me with this! Awesomest. Birthday. Surprise. Ever. @richellewo you are too much!! ❤ You!!

10 crafty mcCrafters commented:

Grandma G said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you! Glad you had a wonderful time!

I remember also thinking that I didn't feel like I'd thought 40 would feel... 20+ years ago. ;) The 40's are great - enjoy them!

Funky Kim said...

Happy 40th! My 50th is this coming Sunday. And I hang out with a 6 year old. Of course, he gives away my age by calling me "grandma"! LOL

I'm a quilter more than a fashion sewer because I make too many mistakes and quilting forgives them and offers me many ways to hide them!

Vicki said...

Happy birthday, Amy! I'm following in your footsteps this coming fall. I love that your disguise for being 40 is a 2-year-old. :)

Gnomemade said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like it was a great one!

ellen said...

I have one of those awesome carts and I love it!

Katy Cameron said...

Happy birthday! Hmm, don't think I've see those carts in Ikea over here, must go hunting immediately!

Lindy said...

Happy 40th! Amazing that 60 feels about the same, but the road ahead isn't nearly so long. I must make the trek to Ikea soon. What's four hours when there is a really neat cart waiting?

Rebecca Grace said...

Wow -- I'm so surprised you just turned 40! For some reason, I thought you were one of those hip twenty-something bloggers. So now that I know there are hip FORTY-something bloggers out there, does this mean there's hope for me, too? I'm hitting the big 4-0 at the end of May and I've been feeling like an old, frumpy dork about it. I always thought I'd "act my age" and not be one of those embarrassing moms who try to dress and act like a teenager, but that was before I realized that a 40-year-old is just a 20-year-old trapped inside a 40-year-old body. Now I want to totally indulge my inner child and wear a tutu and a tiara to the grocery store!

Happy birthday, Amy! :-)

Jenny said...

Happy birthday Amy! I need to call you and ask you how you adjusted to having 3 kids. It's harder than I thought! :)

diane said...

you were always in the cool club, and now you have a cart to prove it. Happy Birthday...belated of course