Saturday, March 24, 2012

Linky issue with sew & tell + an epiphany

So the linky service uses a service and that service's server crashed.  Did you follow that? It's okay, me neither!  So that's why the linky wasn't working for a good part of the day yesterday.  It is now fixed and I've reopened the linky so you can post through Sunday late night!

In other news...

I've found that if you finish up your half finished projects, your sewing space magically starts to get decluttered.

For instance today I pulled out a hooded towel that I've been meaning to make for a year.  It took 20 minutes.  Why do I put things off??
I finally stitched down these appliques on these onsies that I've had in my to-do pile for TWO years.  Another 20 minutes.  I have got to work on that.  It really does help that my machine has a designated spot and it doesn't move any more.  I just sit down and turn it on!! Love my new table.
And just for fun, I think she likes her new towel.
Awesome hooded towel tutorial here.

7 crafty mcCrafters commented:

Heather said...

What a cutie! She does seem to love it, and those appliques are adorable, too. I'll go add my linky now, though I don't have all that much to show for myself this week. lol

amy smart said...

OH man, I so do the same thing. I'm getting away to a little quilting retreat this week (woo!) and I think I'm going to make myself only take UFO's and try and just get some D O N E.

Dree said...

Good for you!

I have decided I MUST finish something piled around my sewing machine before starting something new. I have an almost-done small quilt I will be sending to my aunt next Xmas (need to buy charms, can't find what I want), a half-quilted Halloween quilt, a finished top for the boys, a started top I don't really like the colors of, and a gadzillion crochet projects too.

Yet all I do is dither about WHICH to work on. Why do I do this?

Kim said...

YAAAY AMY!!!!!!! You will be on a sewing ROLL now...I can feel it :o)

diane said...

Sweet photo of your little one with her new towel.

**nicke... said...

adorable! i have been meaning to make some hooded towels too. i think the easiest projects get pushed to the side because i think i will do it later, it will be a quick finish!

Live a Colorful Life said...

She is super cute!