Monday, September 27, 2010

last day to enter the Amy Butler Extravaganza Giveaway!

you can still enter here - just leave a comment with your favorite sewing memory!

Oh my word! YOU guys!! I am loving every minute looking through all of the Amy Butler link ups! Seriously, I was having kind of a weird week and seeing all these beautiful projects totally lifted my spirits!  I'm telling you, if we could just get everyone in the world to use beautiful fabrics the world would be a better place.  :)

I've loved reading all of your sweet sewing memories.  Most of them involve spending time with mothers, grandmothers and children.  It truly is a noble thing to spend your time doing as it enriches our relationships with each other as we pour our love for the recipient into our work.   Not to mention satisfying our need to see the beautiful around us!

So many of you said you finally cut into fabric you had been hoarding.  That was the whole point!  yay!  I'm so glad we got to break out of fear of cutting into those luscious fabrics!  Isn't it great to be able to use something every day rather than have it sit all pretty in a dark closet?  I wrote a post a while back on the science of fabric love. It explains this fear!   The Belle Acanthus I used for my dishmat is one of my favorites and I had a hard time cutting into it.  But I'm so glad I did, now I get to look at it every time I'm at the sink.  Which is like 5 hours out of my day! Seriously.  Does one's kitchen ever stay clean?

Now just as a reminder - you can still enter the giveaways by leaving a comment on Friday's post.  So if you haven't go do it NOW!!  I'm going to be drawing some prizes with and I might give some things away to my favorite project and/or comments!

I had a prize offered yesterday too that I'm going to add to the mix.  This lovely quilt pattern from Rebecca of Chasing Cottons.

photo via Chasing Cottons

6 crafty mcCrafters commented:

Mary said...

My kitchen is NEVER clean for more than 5 minutes :-)

Love that quilt pattern!

Aunt Spicy said...

It was so fun to go through all the links! And that pattern is great! Thanks again for pulling this all together!

allyn said...

post the winners already! i want the booty.

Sara said...

I loved looking at all the projects, too. Good luck to everyone! I love that beautiful

aimee @ lily pad designs nz said...

I forgot to put up my sewing memories story. well - I have loads of lovely stories from my tween and teen years, of mum teaching me how to sew, and making things together. then when I bought my first house, she sat with me for hours making drapes and curtains and cushions to decorate it. now she helps me out with my craft business, sewing when I get orders in a rush. but my memories also extend to my grandmother, my mum's mum. She has passed away now but she was not only a great sewer, but a crocheter, knitter, and cross stitcher. She taught me cross stitch, but we never got around to the crochet. My mum told me that her mum and two sisters used to sew every saturday, all day, with their mum overlooking their work, to make outfits for going out saturday night. how cool! what quality time together. I really hope my girls are into sewing when they are teenagers too. Everything I know about sewing, I owe to my mum. and her mum! thanks ma x

sewtakeahike said...

Amy, I just had to tell you those dish mats in your giveaway post are awesome! I first saw them on Anna's blog a while back and wanted to make them then and forgot! Thanks for the reminder that I need to get on that!

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