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{amylouwho} meet ms mcporkchop aka mini quilt queen!


In prepping for our mini quilt party on Friday (!!) I wanted to introduce you to the woman who inspired me and anyone else who has ever come in contact with her to make minis.  Amanda blogs at hey porkchop! and there you can see more about her sewing, canning, needlework and other adventures!

Here is lovely Amanda! Msmcporkchop as you may know her.

photo courtesy Fresh Lemons via Flickr
As Faith at Fresh Lemons said, "Pretty sure Amanda is missing her calling as a quilting motivational speaker!" I'm pretty sure she did.
(all images courtesy Amanda - thank you!)
When did you start sewing and how did you start?  I started sewing in college, I did several mixed media pieces of art and here's a really awkward photo of me at an art show:
and I also started sewing cloth pads for myself. Around 2006 I started sewing frequently and started my business, modernacorn.

What is your favorite thing to sew and why?
Mini quilts!

And Farmer's Wife blocks because they are like mini quilts.

I enjoy the process of making minis so much more than full sized quilts. I can get across an idea, design, color theme in a small space in a relatively short amount of time. I can experiment and play with ideas without the commitment of a giant full sized quilt top.

Is there something you are afraid to try?
Hmm. I think I'm scared of garment sewing. I've made a few things but it's just NOT a pleasurable experience. In my mind I want a wardrobe full of Japanese Stylish Dress Book dresses but realistically I have neither the figure nor the skill set to create them ;)

What is the best thing you ever made? Was it your favorite?  Did you keep it?
This is so tough! I'm a big fan of most of the stuff I make but I give away a lot of it, I gave away 4 mini's at Sewing Summit. I do love making little mug rugs so I'm surrounded by patchwork. I think right now I love this New York Beauty:

I'm quilting and binding it hopefully this week!

Do you sew more for yourself/family or other people?
Lately it's been for other people, like books & companies but I prefer to sew for the pleasure of sewing, that way I can see where projects take me without any pressure. I'm pretty generous with the things I sew, I give stuff away often. I've toyed with the idea of selling some patchwork pouches and stuff. But I don't usually do sewn gifts, my friends & family are more into the stuff I can & bake...haha.
I can see why!!

How long have you been blogging? What are your favorite things about it?
I've blogging since 2001 (mostly paintings & stuff) but started in 2008! I love being able to share my ideas, my days, my favorite photos with friends online. I'm pretty bad at blogging & flickr though, I have so many things I sew and don't blog/take photos of lately. I've kind of been an internet hermit, I'm trying to get better though!

Here is lovely Amanda! Msmcporkchop as you may know her.

photo courtesy Fresh Lemons via Flickr
As Faith at Fresh Lemons said, "Pretty sure Amanda is missing her calling as a quilting motivational speaker!" I'm pretty sure she did.
What is one thing that you've learned about sewing/blogging that surprised you?
I think I'm surprised by how much people like the things I create. I kind of keep to myself and just sew what I like & makes me happy. It amazes me when people tell me that I've inspired them, mostly because I don't realize that people even know who I am! haha. I'm constantly learning new things, different ways to piece, different ways to cut fabric, different design elements. I think everyone is constantly evolving and growing; blogging totally helps that, if you get a ton of encouraging comments, you will just take more pride in what you create and want to keep creating!!!

What is your favorite sewing memory?
My favorite sewing memory is when I first discovered Japanese fabric on etsy. I would anxiously check my mail DAILY AND HOLD MY BREATH, just waiting for these fantastic packages of kawaii goodness. But of course it takes FOREVER for everything to arrive so I'd just wait. and wait. and wait. And then they'd arrive I'd just look at the fabrics for HOURS. I'd read Japanese craft books NONSTOP and just became obsessed with small, everyday patchwork. I'd sew all afternoon while Chop was in class, then he'd come home & I'd be like LOOK AT THIS LITTLE LINEN ZIP POUCH I MADE WITH FABRIC WITH EYEBALLS ON EVERYTHING!!!! I just love love love kawaii, zakka, everything! I'm happiest when I'm sewing on a sunny day with my favorite music, a pine candle burning and surrounded by cute fabric.

Anything else you want to share?
I'm excited to see the mini's everyone shares!!! I'm thinking they are going to be crazy cute & super inspiring!!! Thanks for doing this Amy!!!!

Thank you so much Amanda!  I made my first intentional mini this weekend and I loved the way it turned out! I'm kind of sad that I'm giving it away.  I'm pretty sure my partner in the swap will like it though, that makes me happy!

I hope everyone is getting more and more inspired and excited to come to our mini quilt party for sew & tell on Friday!  Even if you haven't started one, you could totally make a mini by Friday!

I will be blogging about the prizes for your entries soon!  Stay tuned!

5 crafty mcCrafters commented:

trish said...

Hi Amy.
Oh how I loved taking Amandas class at The Sewing Summit. One of my favorite points she made and really sticks with me is how minis tell a story. I love that! I have shifted my mind set when I sew now. I ask myself what it is that I am wanting to say through it all. :0) So much more personal.

Katy Cameron said...

Oh how I wished I'd got to go and take those classes! Next year I hope :o) Loving the idea of the mini quilt party on Friday too, alas, I have to be at my gran's for her birthday on Friday to give her her pressie (the very first, and only, quilt I've ever made!)

Elizabeth Dackson said...

Aww, thanks for the awesome interview with Amanda, Amy! I absolutely adored her class at Sewing Summit and I agree with Faith that her calling truly is to be a quilting motivational speaker. I loved how passionate she was about what she spoke of and she absolutely made me want to sew lots and lots of minis!

pinksuedeshoe said...

Um, that pixelated fabric on the New York beauty square wants to date me. I have to know it's name :)

I'm slow in catching up on blogs this week, but I am hoping i can squeeze in a mini between scout patches and christmas ornaments. Fun! And yeah, she is totally the bomb.

**nicke... said...

how fun! i loved getting to know her more! she is so cute!

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