Monday, October 17, 2011

{amylouwho} the day I left for the sewing summit/or almost thrifting

Do you get stressed out when you are getting ready to travel? I do! I have weird travel dreams about losing my passport, being in Paris without enough time, missing flights, etc... It was no different this time around.

I was anticipating flying with babylouwho, leaving brother and sisterlouwho with mrlouwho for the weekend, doing last minute laundry, dishes and meal prep. It was a lot to get done!! I tend to procrastinate packing as well. I had my bags mostly packed on Tuesday night, so guess what I did on Wednesday morning, before leaving at 3:00 pm for the airport? Shopping!!!

I'm sure I should have been home packing and cleaning, but I had a couple of IMPORTANT things to take care of! First off, I stopped at Hancock's to pick up some of this awesome burlap printed with black velvet damask.

Love this but not sure how I would use it.
I posted a picture on instagram a week or so earlier and my roommate Darci asked me to pick some up for her. I may have bought a little extra for me as well. It's just so striking! I love damask anyway, but the texture contrast is amazing! I'm thinking it would make a cool boxy zipper pouch.

Next up, I had to stop at Ross. A few weeks ago I got a call from a very sweet friend:

Friend: Amy, Ross has queen sized Amy Butler sheets for 30$, they are turquoise and yellow and I thought of you! I hid them behind the others if you want to go and get them. 
Me: NO WAY!!! 
Friend: Well, I'm still out, if you want I can go back and get them for you. You can't even buy that much fabric for $30. 
Me: I KNOW!! Yes! Please!

She dropped them off a few days later. Are you kidding me?!? I love them. And what a great friend!!
AB sheets - what started it all.
And I'm going to use them on my bed!

A week or so later I went back into Ross looking for birdcages. I found one! So cute! And also saw THE MATCHING COVERLET to the sheets for $35! I stewed about them for a week and had to go Wednesday for fear of someone else buying it up.

AB bedding - sheets and coverlet
YAY!!! It was still there!

And then on further inspection they had a cute twin sized duvet cover. It didn't really match sisterlouwho's bedding though, but it was only $15. And then I realized it was made from her LOVE line that I used for babylouwho's quilt.
amy butler bedding - the haul
She doesn't need a twin sized duvet though. Well, not now anyway. :) Sold!

I'm so happy with it all! 400 thread count, organic cotton, over 1/2 off the original prices ~ It's almost like thrifting!

I called Kim and told her about and she checked out her Ross and found some too - so hurry out if you're interested!

Have you found any good deals lately?

5 crafty mcCrafters commented:

V and Co. said...

haha! yeah i know what you mean. i've bought things with the intent of "she'll need that someday!" :)

pinksuedeshoe said...

I recently found two pairs of jeans (long ones even!) and four new shirts for under $50 total. And they all fit me! I totally revamped my winter wardrobe for $50? I was thrilled! Also, I found another one of those little pear plates at Savers. Now I have three :) Yay!

Go-Go Kim said...

Really, I shut off the machine for that one! That is reserved for kids falling or Mark Wahlberg walking in my front door ( not likely to happen) so this was UP there! I think the lady in Ross thought I was crazy when I was talking to you while looking through everything,LOL! That gray and ivory I found was ab fab Amy...THANK you for sharing!!!!!!

trish said...

OH wow Amy. What a sweet friend you have to help you out on such a great deal. :o) Those colors remind me so much of you! :o)
Have a wonderful week.
Sincerely, Trish

Briana Arlene said...

Nice finds! I found an Amy Butler organic queen comforter in a grey and cream damask print last year at Home Goods. I snagged that right up!

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