Friday, September 23, 2011

sew & tell: v3.1 - super soft and girly ruffle scarf

I haven't been this excited to share something in a long time! I dreamed up this scarf a week or two ago and couldn't go to sleep the other night until I threw it together.

It all started when a good friend of mine, who loves the beach, started getting ready to move to Rhode Island for a year~where it is cold in the winter, much colder than here. I wanted to make her a scarf that would capture a beachy feel while keeping her cozy while she is out walking her dog in the cold. I bought some fleece at Hancock's during their 54% off sale last week and got to work. Fleece buying note: when you buy fleece make sure you get the most expensive kind - it's washes up the best and keeps it's softness. I can't remember the exact name, but it was about 9$ a yard before the sale.
super soft ruffle scarf

I paired the winter blue fleece with Sandi Henderson's Dahlia (Farmer's Market) and Michael Miller's Dandy Damask for the ruffle. I also used this combo in this dress (which I love!) The scarf turned out so cute I have to make another one for me!
super soft ruffle scarf
I think I'll take pictures of the process and maybe, just maybe write up a tutorial? Are you interested? I think I'll be making these for gifts this winter. Don't you want one? I'm thinking I need to make one with the new Joel Dewberry in aqua and orange **swoon**.

In other news, I made up with this skirt (we were having a little tiff).  I was making it for another friend (more to come later) and am FINALLY getting it off to her in the mail.  It's just like mine.
for Darci.
See, I have been doing some stuff! It helps that my husband was gone for the last couple of weeks in training and I could totally take over the dining room and not worry about having to clean up to eat dinner in there.

Now a few notes on Sew & Tell.  I've been mulling over a lot of things that I love about it and some things that I don't love.  I've decided to limit the number of entries to 30.  So when there are 30 linkies, that week's list will close.  This will help keep it manageable for visiting everyone who is sharing each week.  Yes, EACH week!  I'm bringing on some friends who will regularly post so that I'm not on the spot each week.

So please follow the guidelines as spaces are limited. I will try to monitor the links to make sure everyone linking up is playing nice.  :)

Linky Rules.  Please read carefully.  The delete monster will be eating non-compliant links.
1. Please write the post for sew & tell - or add a blurb mentioning sew & tell to a post written since the last sew & tell.  If you are linking to a post with your own tutorial, please make sure it was a finish from this week and that the completed project is shown first.
2. One linky per person. (please put multiple projects in one post.)
3. Link to your specific post.  (See here for permalink instructions - or email me.)
4. Link back here with a link or a button (HTML on my sidebar).
5. Be sure to visit and leave comments on other's posts!

16 crafty mcCrafters commented:

Go-Go Kim said...

You are up and running!!!!!! LOVE it and well you too :o) The scarf is now on my list, thanks not so much!!!!! LOL!

I will try to look at all the links today but I have to pack sometime, I wish you were here to chat with me while I pack. Not sure it would go any faster but would be a lot more fun!!!!!

Rene' said...

Amy, I am so glad you are back with Sew and Tell Friday!!! Yay!!! You really rocked with this one. How cool to make a scarf with fleece and a beachy looking fabric! Your friend will love it and the thoughtfulness of the fabric selection. Cool star blocks and skirt as well.

Great idea to limit the posts for Sew and is hard to get around to so many each I better go type up mine so I can play along ;-)

randi--i have to say said...

hi amy, i just love your scarf so cute! and i would welcome a tutorial. i am going to start making christmas gifts pretty soon and this would be on my list!

ps-i added the sew and tell fridays link to my sidebar. should i add a link to my post too? just want to make sure that i did it correctly. :)

Esther L. said...

You must do a tutorial--perhaps with a little girl's size as well. It's such a cute scarf!

KristyLou said...

I don't have anything for sew-n-tell this week. But I am SUPER excited that you are bringing it back. It kicks my butt into finishing something. And now it will kick my butt into getting it posted to meet the 1st 30. TAHNKS!

Page said...

That scarf is adorable. I'd love to see a tutorial on it. Don't know if I'll make one for myself. Living in Texas we don't have a whole lot of need for scarfs. And it's still close to 100 degrees right now. Ugh. But my SIL lives in WV and looks super cute in scarfs so maybe I'll make one for her.

Kelly @ Vintage Fabric Studio said...

That scarf is cute, such a bright spot for the dark fall and winter days! I hate it when hubby leaves but I get so much sewing done! Thanks for hosting and keeping it real...making a party you like to have!

Nicole said...

Yes! Do a tutorial! That scarf is so sweet. I love that you dreamed it up, too. :)

Amanda said...

Love this! Super cute!

Katie @SwimBikeQuilt said...

Yay! You are back! See you in a few weeks :)

Alex Duenkel said...

Yes! We would love a tutorial!
Thank you!

Shay said...

I would LOVE a tutorial on the scarf...for sure! It is so CUTE and what a great gift idea!

Katy Cameron said...

I've never even thought of pairing fleece with another fabric - doh! The scarf looks fab :o)

***** said...

Look at you all gloggity inspired me and now you will regret it with all my drawn out posts.

LOVE the scarf. Darling skirt. Your talent sings to my soul. Thank you for sharing!

Love and Miss.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the scarf! A tutorial would be WONDERFUL!

Kim with a K said...

Just found your blog and LOVE your scarf!
I would love a tutorial!

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