Tuesday, September 16, 2014

book review :: Nancy Zieman Quick Column Quilts

It's my stop on the blog tour and I am always happy to be a part of any new Nancy Zieman project! Be sure to check out the link at the end for Nancy's post and her awesome giveaway-which includes a new sewing machine!!

I've been feeling overwhelmed these days and when I got the email about this new book I thought, "oh no, how can I get a whole quilt done!?"

Then I looked at the preview of the book. Everything was beautifully illustrated and quick was in the title! So I said yes - I've got a couple of months...

And then we got home from vacation and school started. Oh the chaos!! Cue the sad music. 

I didn't want to just review the book, I wanted to make something (but there really are a lot of great patterns and techniques in there!!)!  so I took the quilt that stood out to me most and tweaked it. A bit. Or more than a bit. But I loved learning a new technique and can see how a quilt top from this pattern would work up very quickly! 

The quilt in the book is the Happy Go Lucky Chevron Column Quilt: 
Since I only have 4 solids in my stash and two of them are white and the other 2 shades of aqua/turquoise (!! shocker!!), I decided to dive into some large Amy Butler Love (and some Belle, Daisy Chain and Soul Blossoms...) scraps instead and use a more solid type print for the skinny pieces that work through the whole quilt.

One of the great things about this pattern in the pieces are big - so they show off nice big prints like these and a queen sized quilt will work up rather quickly! I followed the cutting instructions but only cut about 10 strips and cut the strips sets 1/2 the size to start with since I was going to do a smaller scale project.  

I followed the piecing instructions and then cut my strip sets in half to about 20" long.  

I had omitted the dark print in the chevron sets because I wasn't sure I wanted it to be so prominent in such a small piece - like I said the pieces are large. But then the vertical strips looked out of place. 
 So I decided to sew the strips up without the contrast. And for this project I think it works well.

I quilted the two panels. (19.5" x 21.5") in preparation for using them in a large tote bag.  I love straight line quilting a 1/4" or so on either side of the seam lines.  I think it always looks good! 

I haven't quite had time to finish the lining and the straps but I'm almost there.  And I have now affectionately named it the Go Big, Go Bold or Go Home Bag! 

I'm planning on a more detailed tutorial in another post if any one is interested - plus I need to show you what it looks like once I finish it!!

I loved the technique for stitching the chevrons and quickly piecing the columns. Everything was done in columns with out any finicky bias piecing for every block. I definitely think even I could make this quilt top pretty easily! It was fun to use the pattern in a different way as well-I might actually try reducing the size of the pieces to make a mini quilt. 

Update!!!:: I'm also giving away a copy of the book!  Go here and enter! Ends Saturday 9/20 at midnight!

This fun tour has been going on for a couple of weeks. Check out what the others have created from Nancy's book! And remember to check out this post to enter the giveaway!!

9 crafty mcCrafters commented:

Mary said...

Thanks for the blog tour Chevron purse/tote you are making. Will be interesting to see the completed tote when you finish.

Unknown said...

What a great idea. I shall give it a try. I often have pieces left over so this will help use up on totes

Laura said...

Not sure what kind of straps you have planned for this beautiful bag, but it sure looks like something that would really rock some backpack-style shoulder straps! Love those colors!

Unknown said...

Looking great!

Julie in WA said...

A few other bloggers had the same idea..to use the patterns for bags. Your bag is beautiful, and it will be fun to carry around a work of art!

Vicki H said...

The chevron block made a cute tote.

DebW in Florida said...

Love how this turned out and would really like a complete set of instructions. Beautiful for this bold prints and I have a bunch of them! Cheers!

OhioLori said...

Love the Chevron Column Quilt...but I am such a Tote "Addict" lol I absolutely LOOOOVE YOUR tote idea!! Can't wait to see finished!! & the Tutorial too! Wooohooo!!!

Swedish Scrapper said...

Oohhh! How fantastic the Go bold or Go Home is! I fell in love with florals when I first started quilting, then I focused on geometrics, but the florals are coming back for me. Love your linear choices mixed in with the super colorful ones.

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