Sunday, March 16, 2014

Scrappy dresden mini quilt

Hey! I finished something! And I made up a new word! (as far as I know!) I got found my sew-jo and got some real sewmentum going this week! (haha - see what I did there?)  I got together TWICE this week with friends for sewing fun!  Definitely helps in the motivation department!

I started this little mini-dresden last year before we moved.  Emily Herrick sent a little bundle of her Technicolor fabric line to me to play with!  Karie (instagram @karietkq) and I bonded over our love of turquoise and orange, I knew a mini-quilt with these fabrics would be really fun!
Karie also loves texty prints and I found this awesome one in the FQ bin at Hancock's of all places!
And then it sat. And sat.  And moved to our new home. Until Karie came to visit and I knew I needed to quilt it up and give it to her while she was here!

I used some turquoise 50wt aurifil for the loop-de-loops and some orange 50wt for the flower center.

I was originally planning an all orange border but decided scrappy would be more fun.  And yes, I think it is!
I quilted it on Monday during a little sewing meet up at Becky's house and finished binding it in the parking lot at Wegman's on Tuesday where we all met for lunch!
Apart from Kim (@gogokim), who I met in line at Costco, Becky (@sarcasticquilter), Karie, and  I both met online.  It's so fun to have quilty internet friends to connect with throughout the day.  It's even better to have them close enough that you can meet up and sew, chat, eat and fabric shop together!
L-R Becky, Karie, Me and Kim

I'm so blessed to have such great friends! It was so nice to just be our weird fabric-loving selves together! I highly reccomend getting out from behind our screens and really see each other! It's a valuable connection that can't be replaced by our devices.

I'm linking up today with Kim's new Saturday sewing linky!! So fun!  Go check it out. Always a great way to get motivated and motivate others!

8 crafty mcCrafters commented:

Anonymous said...

I love your dresden mini! The fabric is beautiful. :)

Go-Go Kim said...

You are ALWAYS LATE!!!!! Thank you for last week and for linking up! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Kimi Remington said...

Cute quilt... And WEGMENS! So jealous!

Christine Slaughter said...

I love this mini!! And that quilting is perfect. Totally agree about the scrappy binding... It's fab!!

Katy Cameron said...

Ha, sementum, love it! I think I got that too this week, possibly because it's finally starting to feel a bit like spring? Love what you created with yours anyway :o)

allyn said...

Yay for finishing unfinished projects!! It turned out beautiful. I love me a beautiful Dresden. I need to remind myself how to do them;)

Lisa Marie said...

Gorgeous! Scrappy binding was a perfect choice.

Jenny said...

You look super skinny!! What is your secret?!

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