Friday, March 18, 2011

i miss blogging - Kim, this is for you.

I miss having the time to sit down with a picture or two and tell you all about a current project!  Making a change in my habits has helped me be more present for my life here at home, but I'm finding it hard to post as often as I used to, or would like.

I finished a really cool project for the Spicing Up the Kitchen swap I was in on Flickr.  And guess what I did?!  Took some awesome pictures and then formatted my memory card without uploading them!  AAAAHHHHHH!! I've never done that before!  At least my partner can take pictures for me.  I hadn't wanted to post them yet, because I think a couple things I sent might have given away my secret identity.  Soooooo, now I'm waiting not so patiently until she receives the package and then I can tell you all about it.

My friend Sara of Sew Sweetness started a Heather Ross quilt-along that I promised to be a part of.  A lot of people are already finished (like Sara, productive-queen) and I have yet to start.  Next week.  Maybe, or the week after. And if you don't follow her blog yet, you should.  She's amazing.  She just started blogging a few months ago and has so many cool projects and great pattern reviews.  Really, go check her out.

I also started a non-sewing project with a group of friends that is helping me get back into the groove of taking pictures (not on auto) and I'll be able to share more about that soon.  That is if you are even interested!

Here's two more quilt blocks I finished (late) for last year's bee.
for Meredith #2
for Meredith #1

And remember that post I wanted to write about what I learned while I took a break (2 months ago!), yep, haven't done that either.

The upside?  I am getting more sleep, I've started working out, and the sun is shining more! YAY!

Oh and I FINALLY got around to making one of these cake plates.
what the leprechauns left!
ask me about how I didn't know the leprechauns were coming and then we made a trap and didn't catch them but they left these nice cupcakes because they had already given out all their gold.  yep, mom of the year, right here.

Actually two.  I *heart* them so much!
handmade pedestal dessert plates
Seriously so easy.  Candlestick holder (thrifted) + cute plate from Marshall's + gorilla glue.  Total cost? approx. 5$

and this little crumbsnatcher will be 1 next month!! REALLY? Where has the time gone?
can you really be almost 1?
I love her happy face.  She is a such a joy and has won us all over, without question.  And can you believe that sweater?  We rescued it from certain neglect at a thrift store before she was born.  Hand crocheted and never worn. We love it.

Oh yes! And then there's the amazing antique store I went to selling all things distressed in white, turquoise and green!  AMAZING.  I need to tell you about that too.

Soon.  I promise.  And next week?  I'll show you some progress on my HR quilt (because I haven't started yet and need someone to keep me honest).  And maybe we should have a sew & tell in March!  I almost forgot!

Thanks Kim, for chatting today and telling me you missed my posts.  Hope this one tides you over.

10 crafty mcCrafters commented:

Laura said...

Amy! How can she be almost 1??? She is adorable! Love your blocks, too.

Jocelyn said...

Amy your baby is so adorable. And what a beautiful sweater. How sad that it was left behind, but so glad that you found it and rescued it. Enjoy the sweetness of your baby. They grow up WAY too fast.

sewtakeahike said...

Amy, live the cake plates!!! You did such an awesome job on them! Can't wait to see your HR quilt you're going to start!

sewtakeahike said...

Oh! And of course! Maggie's such a cutie. Love that you call her a crumbsnatcher :)

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

I miss you too, Amy, but I understand the break...I didn't do much until my youngest was almost 2, except try to get in some sleep (1 or 2 hours at a time doesn't add up to much).

I love your quilt blocks, I think I only saw the one before. They're really cool!! And I can't wait to see your project...can't wait!

AND YOUR CAKE PLATES!! How awesome! I can't believe that you made them!!! I want one! I'm going to have to look at some thrift stores for a cool plate and candlestick holder!

Aww, Amy, you're crazy ::blush::

Tara said...

Glad to see you posting! I always know it's been to long when my mom starts asking too!

Heidi said...

Hurray!! She is back and I for one am super happy about it!! We all love you AmyLouWho......

Julie said...

How cute your little mrs is! I can't believe she's okay sitting in that grass & pine needles, is that what it is?

***** said...

you are the darlingest! Love your writing and your loveliness. xoxo

Go-Go Kim said...

Thank you Amy!!!!!!! So happy to see you on here again :o)

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