Thursday, February 17, 2011

good mail v. bad mail

good mail = stuff made with fabric
bad mail = junk mail, ads, EOBs, and bills

Luckily for me, this has been a VERY GOOD mail week!  So as not to overdo it, I'll just share one thing today.  I'll get to the others soon.

As I've said, I'm part of the Spicing Up the Kitchen {a modern swap} over on Flickr.  It's my first swap like this and it has been so much fun!!

Today the mailman came and had a package for me.  I was surprised, because I hadn't ordered anything lately.  Then I saw it was from Amber, at One Shabby Chick, with whom I was in A Notion or Two (we both dropped out this year.)  So I wasn't expecting anything from her.  Then it dawned on me that she must have been my secret partner in the swap!  I was ecstatic as I had seen her WIP in the group's photostream!
{SUTK} received - the whole shebang
the loot
If you have seen any of Amber's work, you know how pretty and scrappy and unique it is!  Her blog is one of the first that I started following when I found out about the sewing/crafting blog world several years ago.  I'm so honored to have some of her work that I can use and admire on a daily basis!

She made this gorgeous table runner.
{SUTK} received - table runner!

That looks equally good in my kitchen at the bar or on my dining room table!
{SUTK} received - on my kitchen table

I just love all of these fabrics she used! The prints and the colors.
{SUTK} received - love the fabrics in this!
look at that quilting!!

And she included two oversized square hotpads. I don't have anything like this and am sorely in need of some!
{SUTK} received - hotpads!
upon further inspection these are all made from crazy nine patches.  is that what the kids are calling them these days?

And I was just telling my mom how I boring I think most kitchen items (sold at most big box stores) are and ALWAYS the same sage, burgundy and navy. totally Not me.
{SUTK} received - hot pads
you had me at aqua polka dots
This however. TOTALLY ME!! yippee!

and look how good my brownies will look while cooling. Perfect! Thank you so much Amber!!
{SUTK} received - perfect oversized

And you know what's funny? The block I made for her on Round 2 of our bee is what has inspired what I am making for MY partner in the kitchen swap. Here it is in progress.
SUTK: Making some progress!
In other news. I think I found my sewing mojo again. Anyone up for Sew & Tell next (February 25) Friday? I have a quilt I want to share! I'd love to tell you about all the things I figured out during my break.

More soon.

11 crafty mcCrafters commented:

Candied Fabrics said...

Pretty pretty pretty- she just nailed you, didn't she???

Yay for finding your sewing mojo!!!!

Natalia from Piece N Quilt said...

I love good mail like that!

Katie said...

SO stinkin cute!

Julie said...

How pretty! I love the runner & hot pads :)

Dayna said...

These are so beautiful!

Yes, I've been missing Sew & Tell. I'm far behind on my to-do list, but I've managed to make a few things recently. I miss the group, mostly. I love all of the eye candy. :-)

Leslie said...

this is mail i would love to open!!!! these colors are amazing. i am up for a sew and tell...i think i i will finally have something to share. it is so hard to get back to sewing with a new baby!!!

pinksuedeshoe said...

Pretty Pretty! I can't wait to see yours all finished, I'm in love with your colorful dresdens!

Mary said...

Wow wow, great goodies!!! You are a lucky lady!

Vicki said...

Such pretties! Can't wait to hear your wisdom.

diana said...

Wow wow wow! They are awsome! You :))

Oh, wait, you have to be in a swap to be lucky :D. That's why I didn't get anything :)) I knew I forgot something :))))))

I'm off stalking, ummm ...following that shabby chick :D

randi said...

amber is great! not only is she super talented, she is a sweetie too! the set she made you is wonderful.

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