Friday, November 05, 2010

sew & tell - quiltstory

edited to add:  Finishes today can be from the last two weeks because of Blogger's Quilt Festival last week.  Thanks for the reminder Leslie!

It's been another week with no finishes for me. I have started working on a dress to wear to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball in a couple of weeks. I'll be able to show that to you soon.
So today I'm excited to share a beautiful finish from a fellow sew & teller!

Fresh Poppy Design

The brain child of sisters Heather and Megan of Fresh Poppy Designs is a fairly new blog called Quilt Story.  Have you heard of it?  They've been participants in Sew & Tell in the past and have created this new blog aptly titled.  In their own words:
"Every quilt has a story behind them, and we really wanted to take the time to share what was put into each quilt. I have realized now more than ever that most quilts have a lot of love put into them. They are made for friends, they are made for babies. They are made to comfort. They are made to hold someone who is sick.  Each quilt really has something to tell and that is what we are doing at Quiltstory. We take submissions from everyone and would love more quilts to feature."
Like I said, what a great idea!  Behind every quilt is a great story! 
Heather has a finish this week of her first quilt free-motion quilted by herself!  This inspires me since I am free-motion quilting my bird quilt by myself.  For the first time.  It's scary!

I love her rationalization for her new sewing machine, I'm going to have to try that out too.  You'll have to go over to her post to read about this gorgeous quilt!

image via quiltstory
Be sure to head over and leave her some comment love!

Can't wait to see your finishes this week!  I love having a weekly deadline giving me (and you!) a reason to finish up another project!

What did you finish this week?

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14 crafty mcCrafters commented:

Kristie said...

Don't be afraid of free motion! I was, then tried it, and it is fun and actually easier than trying to get lines straight, I think! I am still working on stitch length, etc, but I am not too hard on myself and have fun. Just did another last night that I hope to have binding done for next Friday!

What is the issue with tutorials?? I often make them, they are free and made in the interest of sharing/helping other crafters when I finish something I love....what is the dif if I link to the tute versus linking to a post that links to my own tutorial??? I am just goling to link straight to the craft/tutorial today...I guess you can delete it if that is a problem, but it is really too bad, I like your party but feel silly to make a new post of something I just did yesterday. I'd love to hear your thoughts on why you have decided this.

Elizabeth Dackson said...

Like Kristie, I really love FMQ'ing. I love it more than straight-line quilting. The thing that helped me get some confidence was practicing on some small quilt sandwiches, and doodling the design I wanted to do. Can't wait to see how yours turns out!!

Leslie said...

i love quiltstory...i hope it is ok that i linked up to something i finished the week before since we did not do sew and tell last week. i wanted to share....

randi said...

quilt story is a great blog!

machine quilting is becoming less scary for me. my skill level is still beginner, but i keep trying new things. i just have to be careful not to try to make it perfect. that messes me up every time!

Mary said...

What a beautiful Amy Butler quilt! I love the bird in the center.

I'm scared of free-motion quilting too . . . mostly because I'm afraid to ruin a perfectly good quilt sandwich . . . OR have to pick out a million stitches! Oh well, one of these days I'm going to have to suck it up and learn! :-)

Can't wait to see the dress you're making!

Tori said...

That's a beautiful quilt! I love the rick rack detail.

Dayna said...

Amy, that is a gorgeous quilt! I can't wait to read more about it!

It's so good to be back. I've missed all of you great Ladies of Inspiration at Sew & Tell! I feel like a pauper sneaking into a grand hall to watch a production, the tickets for which I cannot afford! I'm honored to participate when all of you are such professionals.

Now for some coffee so I may browse! Oops! I mean after I tend to the children, of course. ;-)

beth said...

looking forward to your dress!!

pinksuedeshoe said...

I just bought some pretty 108" backing fabric that has gorgeous FMQ lines on it. I'm such a cheater. Of course, I'm going to be afraid to use it. Love the bird quilt, so so cute.

And Amy, I love all the work you put into sew&Tell. I'm glad that you host this wonderful party each week just so that we can get together with our sewing friends and share with each other what we have been working on. I lovethe support I get from my online sewing community. It has been wonderful to have so many likeminded friends who appreciate the work and time that goes into the kinds of projects we all do. I love what you do. Love it.

Kimberly said...

I am actually afraid of straight line quilting! I am horrid at sewing straight. I have only done it on two quilts. I would much rather free motion something. It's so quick, I love it.

(BTW- I seem to have had problems with the link up. Again! I am just getting a black box instead of a picture... Sorry for the headache!)

Leah said...

No finishes for me this week. Too busy with other activities...

I am close to finishing my daugthers quilt! YEAH! hopefully I'll get the quilting finished tonight and trimmed for binding...

mommymae said...

although i can't link up, i did a sew & tell saturday! halloween costumes are finally up!

Rachel said...

I'm really sorry if I've already replied to you or not I had so many comments and my brain has honestly turned to mush.
I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your comment on my blog during a love bombing a few months back. It really meant the world to me and I hope your day is as beautiful as you helped mine become. sorry its taken this long to respond I hope you can understand I've been super busy with exams and such like.
have a wonderful day.

Rene' said...

Amy, great post. I love this Amy Butler quilt with the bird in the center. Gonna check out Quilt Story to see what it's all about.

I am so out of it that I totally forgot to link up my Sew and Tell Friday post last week ;-)

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