Sunday, January 03, 2010

it's over - whew!

Things that are over.

1. December.
We have an absolutely crazy month with 2 birthdays and all the holiday prep and celebrating. To be quite honest, by the time New Year's rolls around, I just want to go to bed early and sleep. My busy-ness has not afforded me the time to sew or blog as often as I would like.  Which also means I've been terrible about replying to comments and emails.  And for that matter, keeping up with everyone's blogs!  I'm hoping the slower pace of the new year will help remedy that.

2.  2009.
It's been an interesting year.  I've been reading everyone's year-end posts and I just don't think I have it in me to do a full on post.  But here are a few major things that happened this year.  My husband spent 4 months in Afghanistan this summer, I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child (a girl), I was able to brighten up my house with some color!, and I participated in my first virtual quilting bee!  I have 2 more blocks to catch up on, but I did complete these two little gems on Thursday (when I should have been cleaning and packing, more on that in a minute.)

For Amber:
Adorable wonky stars, with a Heather Ross VW bus in pink and brown.  Love this fabric.

see the cute bus there on the left?

For Amber - November
For Lolly:
A log cabin made out of her self-designed spoonflower pear print.

She asked for an appliqued pear on the block.  This was fun to do!

The quilting bee has been loads of fun, and I hope to continue on this next year!

3. A cross-country flight with 2 toddlers.
We left this morning to come to California with my husband for work.  We are going to be gone for 3 weeks and it should be a lot of fun!  The flight was good - my kids were good, and I even got to sleep and read!  I was stressing big time about flying with them, but having my husband along made all the difference. He and I haven't flown together in years.

I'm taking a side-trip to Utah as well, so I'm excited about all the fabric shop visiting and bloggy meet-ups.  So hopefully I won't be totally devoid of interesting sewing things to talk about!  But my response times for emails, probably won't get better until we get back.

I do have the dress I made for mini-me to share on Friday's Sew & Tell! Get ready to link up to gifts you kept secret over the holidays (older posts from this Christmas) are fine - and you can share new stuff too if you have it!

Hope everyone had a great holiday and is looking towards this fresh new year with optimism, hope and peace.  My goal for the year is to have more peace - during long flights, prepping for a move and a new baby, and the settling into a new home.  Not to mention the peace I am always looking to establish in my home and with my family.

New Year's kisses to the lot of ya!

10 crafty mcCrafters commented:

Anonymous said...

Phew! Your month sounds even crazier than mine was! Enjoy your time in CA and take care of ALL of you!

Rene' said...

Happy New Year Amy!!!! I, too, have tried to sneak in some blog reading time and have enjoyed all the year end posts. However, I also do not have it in me to do one of those...maybe next year when I've been blogging for a full year. Enjoy your trip to CA and the side trip to Utah. That should be fun. How lucky to meet up with blogging friends. Love your two blocks. Look forward to getting back to Sew and Tell Friday. Safe travels.

Carla said...

December can be so crazy for everyone! But you got to love it. Happy New Year Amy!!!

Looking forward to Sew & Tell again. I have to admit I have missed it.

Natalia from Piece N Quilt said...

You have been very busy! Hope that you can relax a little bit while away! :) Happy New Year to you! :)

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

Happy New Year, Amy, and congratulations on winning at Joy in the new year!

Vicki said...

great quilt blocks! Have a fun vacation!

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

Happy New Year!

sewtakeahike said...

cute blocks Amy! I'm so glad your flight went good and turned out so much better than you thought. I'm excited to catch up with you sometime, I've been out of the loop as well!

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

no wonder you don't have time to do a full recap post!! but its all good.. heres to 2010 being great for you!

Em said...

I absolutely love you OCD- laugh out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and your wonky stars are always a favorite of mine, great fabrics. Excited to return tomorrow to peruse some more of your talent and wit. Having a giveaway if you would like to come and play "at my cyber spot"

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