Thursday, October 15, 2009

friendship bag swap

I am going to try and not whine too much here.  But really, I'm still recovering and haven't has a good night's sleep for a while.  My house is torn up from getting new carpet - which really is a good thing, it's forcing me to clean-up, declutter, and reorganize.  But I'm tired.  And my sewing area has been dismantled and I have so many things I wish I had the energy to do right now.  Okay, whine over.

Oh and before I forget - thank you to everyone who sent me get well wishes, really, this crafting/sewing blogging community is the NICEST!!

Last Wednesday, while I was dying napping after my ear infection diagnosis, my daughter brought me the mail.  (Yes, I was out of it so much that my 3-year old got the mail from the postman.....don't judge me - she's almost 4.)  In it was my swap package from the lovely and talented Deborah.

How did she know?

She must have been stalking my blog and known how much I love blue! (and with brown to boot!)

She must also have ESP - I need quilt labels!  I don't think I've labeled a single quilt I've made (not that it's been that many mind you).

And the Wizard of OZ!? How cute!  I remember the yearly showing of the movie on T.V. as a kid - what a treat!  And we had a little Toto dog who loved to see 'herself' on the screen.

and look at this cute little button box!  Perfect for keeping some pins and whatnots.

or maybe I'll just stash my M&Ms in there. mmmmmmm. (The tin may or may not be empty now....)

Sew & Tell resumes tomorrow!  Remember you can post from the last 2 weeks since we had the Blogger's Quilt Festival last week.  Thanks to all the sweet comments on my quilt.  As soon as things slow down a bit I plan on attacking the list of entries!

8 crafty mcCrafters commented:

Laura said...

Maybe someday I will have more than one bag pattern in my repertoire so I can do a swap! :)

Barb said...

Love all of your nice goodies....truly.

Hope you feel better....I use to be a young mother and you do what you have to do, especially when you are sick and there is no one to help drudge on...and get better!!

Lisa at Sun Naturals said...

Bet that made you feel a little better! That bag is adorable and how fun to find goodies in it. I have to get in on one of these blog swaps. I would have a blast looking for goodies to send. Oh, and making the gift too!

Rene' said...

What a nice treat to receive when you're feeling down!!! Love all the extra goodies included. Hope you are feeling better.

Day before Michelle said...

Fabulous swap package!

No judgements here, I had an out of it episode myself last week..(let's just say my heavy hair isn't any more)I hope you are feeling better now!

Dee said...

what an awesome pick-u-up you received! such fun goodies to help you recuperate...and you know what? cheese (esp the cake kind) goes very well with whine!

Leslie said...

this is a great package to get in the mail....your swap partner was so generous

Katie @ said...

What a beautiful package to receive in the mail! Hope you're feeling a little better now. Who wouldn't get just a little boost with such a thoughtful gift, right? :) I'm on the hunt for fabric in Berlin. I didn't know it could be SO HARD after living in the US.

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