Monday, July 20, 2009


That's how I've been feeling lately. The reality of a deployed husband has been wearing on me so much lately. It's hard playing mom and dad and still trying to find time for myself. I've managed to do it, but sacrificing sleep in the process. It's finally caught up to me. And I have a whole new appreciation for the women who go at it alone every day.

Were you wondering what their offices look like over there? Pretty dusty.

I won't tell him I posted this picture of him here if you won't, okay? I'm so proud of him!

We are in the final stretch here, he's coming home in just a few short weeks! I'm trying to stay busy until then and have a long to-do list.

  • I finally got the rest of the backing fabric needed for my quilt along quilt, so I can quilt it.
  • Recovering some of my pillows for my couch.
  • Going to the beach!
  • Going to South Carolina for a dear friend's wedding.
  • A Notion or Two quilt block for July.
  • Organizing my sewing area.
  • Cleaning my house.
  • Putting together my new IKEA chairs.
  • Wedding quilt (for aforementioned wedding)
  • Sewing for my daughter, summer quilt (better get on that before summer is over)
  • Spending time at the pool.
  • Posting an awesome giveaway (hopefully on Tuesday).
  • Hosting painting week here.
  • Finish up my bird quilt - I got some awesome backing fabric for that too.

So, I've got a lot to do. Anyone else feeling this way?

12 crafty mcCrafters commented:

Amy said...

I am too! Got a exciting adventure ahead of me. :0) (going to post about it) If I were there I would love to help you with your list.

Jen said...

Yeah - I have no idea how people do it alone all the time. I have one week coming up, all by myself with only one little boy, and I doubt I will get much done.

V and Co. said...

he's almost home! hang in there! you are amazing!

MichelleB said...

Hooray! He's coming home. I'm so happy for you.

Laura said...

Oh gosh. I have never seen Nick looking so hard core. :) I am glad it is almost over for you guys! Love you.

The Letteer Family said...

I'm glad he'll be home soon!! :)

Cheryl Arkison said...

Okay, I'm not in your shoes, but it seems like the time has flown by for you. But probably is crawling by in your house.

I've been scarificing sleep too and am just exhausted. Hubby chastised me yesterday for doing so. Just too much in a day to get done - too much I actually want to do.

Hang in there.

sewtakeahike said...

I'm so excited for you and your kiddos to see him again Amy!! I hope you get everything done these next couple of weeks so you can be prepared and at peace upon your husbands return. Thank-you thank-you for your sacrifice!

Unknown said...

That's quite the to-do list friend! You can do it :) I'm so glad that these months are almost over for your family - what a huge sacrifice! Get some rest and sneak in little bits of "to-do here and there. (I set my timer for myself sometimes - "just declutter for 15 min" - repeats over in my head and then I'm done!)

Bill and Mandy Guidry said...

You should be proud of him. He is a good man! Good luck finishing that long list of stuff!

Dana said...

Yep. All day. Every day. :)

GrandmaCarol46580 said...

Is he Army or Marine? I'm not the spouse of military -- but a mother of a son who will be re-deploying to Iraq in about six to eight weeks (give or take a few days/weeks). I'm so proud of our Military and may God bless them all. Actually tears came to my eyes when I seen the pic of your husband but than any Military personnel has that effect on me.

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