Monday, April 20, 2009

how are you today?

Thanks everyone for the love on my quilt for the quilting festival. It's been so much fun to see everyone's beautiful work. And I'm still not done - it's going to take me all week to get through the posts! I'm getting so inspired! I have about a half dozen quilts started in my head. Maybe I'll have a new quilt to share come October.


This is what I was looking at yesterday afternoon.

I think it kind of explains the funk I've been in the last week or two. Anticipation isn't always a good thing. Not to mention the fact that 3 out of 4 people have been sick at my house. With 2 visits to the ER on Saturday night - mostly because it was Saturday and where else do you go when you need to see a doctor and can't wait? It's not as bad as it sounds, but I am tired. And miraculously, I have managed to stay well. It's a good thing too - who would have taken care of us!?


Look at this sad thing. Do you know what it is?

It's my ironing board cover that has definitely seen better days. I have a whole long story about my awesome iron that had to be replaced 3 times in the first year. Thank goodness for warranties. It had a little overheating problem as you may have guessed. And then last week I was running my hot iron over the cover to get some gunk off and it totally ripped. Laaaaaaame.

But, it did get my rear in gear to make this that I have been putting off!

It turned out so cute! And Jacquie said I could count it as one of my spring to finish projects. I did it today in less than an hour. I read a few tutorials a while back and then just took a chance. My cover wasn't the same kind as this tutorial so I had to wing it a bit. I was definitely not very precise, but I had to get it done so I could work on some more of my UFO's. And really, I'm probably the only one who will notice any imperfections, right?

Besides, isn't that a sweet Alexander Henry print? I got it at Joann's - I know! Shocking! I'm thinking about making some appliance covers out of it for some things in my kitchen too.

So maybe I was in my pajamas until about 4:00 today - at least I did something productive, right? oh yes, and I baked some of these. (Thanks Penny!!)


This bag is going to be part of a baby gift extravaganza that a friend and I are putting together for another friend. I really like this fabric too (also Joann's). It's bright and fun and I hope to take some better pictures once we have the whole package put together.

This is the third UFO completed. Yay! Now I just need to put the zipper in my duvet (even though I've been using it) and finish up a few other bags....

12 crafty mcCrafters commented:

Anonymous said...

Ugh - ER visits are always so long and draining. Hope everyone gets better really soon!
And the new ironing cover is fantastic...great job!

Lala said...

Hi AMy!!! LOVE the ironing board cover!!! JoAnn's DOES have some great fabrics!!! I have a stash of the IBC fabric!!! Hope everyone is feeling better!

Keep truckin' on those UFOs!!!

Lala :o)

Karen said...

Twice to the ER in one day? You've had your share my friend.
Is your hubby leaving? I don't know about a FPG Deployer - fill me in...
I am considering burning a hole in my ironing board cover so I can get one that's cute like yours...I have some of that fabric -love it!

buttercup said...

I'm sorry you've had a rough go lately. That bag you've been staring at isn't helpful either ***big hugs*** and ***bisous***

You know you absolutely amaze me with your talent! I love that ironing board! And your bags are so adorable!

Dana said...

Sorry so many have been sick in your house!

Funny that you made an ironing board cover as that very same thing is on my to-do list. I guess I should read some tutorials!

allyn said...

your ironing board cover is making me so happy. maybe that is what i should do to get myself out of my own funk. either that or get rid of a certain 19 month old helper. since that is not really an option i will have to go with cute cover instead.
you have been amazingly productive!!!

Julie said...

It's okay to be in your p.j.s until four, just don't tell the flylady!!!

I too love your ironing board cover. Very cute & it would be a cute cover for your appliances as well.

Is Grandma Susie coming out for a visit while your boy is gone camping? Wouldn't that be nice.

Peanut Butter cookies sound so yummy right now!

The Letteer Family said...

I love your ironing board!! It's so cute!!!

Sarah said...

Hope everyone is feeling better around your house.

Once and me...twins. I've been wanting to re-cover my ironing board for quite some time now! I'll have to look at the tutorial.

sewtakeahike said...

you go Amy! love the ironing board, I'd say it' a little prettier than that old thing in the other photo :)!

Red Pepper Quilts - Rita Hodge said...

Wow! You sure were productive. I have a thing for ironing board covers. Will need to make my own too someday!

Unknown said...

Are you all feeling better yet? I hope you've gotten some sleep :)

Love your new cover and bag!! I actually have a whole new ironing board, the other one had died. It's nice to stand at it instead of bending over at the table :)

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