Thursday, March 26, 2009

a little spotlight

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Have you been to this blog yet? I just discovered it a little while ago and Jodi has all sorts of fun things to look at. From cool blog finds, to fun projects that are easy to do, giveaways and tips on using Blogger.

Blogger has some great tools - and I figure most people who are blogging know about them, so even though the techy-geek inside gets really excited about a new trick, I never write about it. But she did! And I wanted to share with you.

1. noreply- comment: I get really sad when someone leaves a comment (which gets emailed to me) and I can't email them back because they don't have an email address attached to their profile. She explains here how to fix that! And it doesn't mean your email address is published for the whole world to see - just the person on whose blog you commented.

2. Scheduling posts: How about only having a little time to blog - you can work up several posts and schedule them to post on different days through Blogger's Post Options. She explains this too!

3. Following and Labeling posts: The followers feature is fairly recent. She explains how to put it in your sidebar as well as the importance of labeling your posts.

4. Embedding links: I've had some people ask how you set up links within a post. Super easy!
  • Select the text you want to be a link,
  • Click on the link button (to the right of the text color button)
  • A box will pop-up where you can type/paste in the web address to where you want the link to take your readers.
  • The selected text will then become a different color and underlined all on it's own!
Some of this may seem elementary, but I just discovered Google Reader with in the last year, and it changed my whole blogging experience! Hopefully this is helpful to some of you too!

In other blogging news:

Are you following Lollychops Big Time Bunny Week??

Make sure you check out the posts for each day this week. She has lots of free downloadable patterns, labels, etc. Her projects are fun, she is hilarious, and your day will be brighter and better for visiting her sweet, crafty site.

** these two lovely ladies had nothing to do with these posts, I just love them. There wasn't anything in it for me. Just sose ya know.

6 crafty mcCrafters commented:

Jodi Nelson said...

Geesh! Thank you for such kind words! Totally made my day. LOVE your blog too. ;o) ooxx`jodi

Julie said...

I have been following Lollychops & her pretty little labels, appliques, died eggs, & stuff. She's really amazing. I enjoyed her post about Martha Stewart beating her to the died eggs, did you read that one? Pretty funny but luckily for me I didn't have to buy the magazine to figure out how to make my Easter eggs so pretty, just read Lollychops egg tutorial & wallah perfection!!!

LollyChops said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comments Amy!!

I was just reading your profile and bust a gut when I read this line "obsessive creative disorder"... hahahaha! Still makes me laugh even typing it in. I actually think I might have that too!!! I hope there is no cure!!

HUGS and thanks again!

Jenny said...

Hi Amy! How are you doing? Been thinking about you. When are you coming to visit?!

sewtakeahike said...

thanks for the info Amy! I love both Jodi and Lolly's sites!

lone_mom said...

Thanks so much for listing this info! I just started blogging and am still figuring everything out and what exactly I want to blog about. I'm sort of all over the place still. Love your stuff! Katie

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