Saturday, December 27, 2008

oh christmas bags, oh christmas bags

how lovely is your fabric.

Oh Christmas bags, oh Christmas bags
I can't seem to part with you.

You used some of favorite stash
I made you in a hurried dash,

But look at you,
my favorite bags,

I hope you'll miss me too.

I finished these 2 bags up on Christmas eve for my sister-in-law (brown/pink) and my mother-in-law. I really didn't want to part with either of these. They are my favorites! Really! I told my husband that and he just replied, "You say that about every bag you make." True. I guess that's why this is so much fun. I really did enjoy making these, partly because of who they were for and partly because I loved working with these prints. I kept coming up with more ideas for them while I was smoothing them out with the iron and admiring them. Wait until you see the bedding I have planned for my daughter!

My brother-in-law called me a few weeks ago and wanted to order a bag for his wife. I had picked out those Michael Miller prints for her over a year ago. It's Dandy Damask on the outside, Dumb dots for the lining, and the Eiffel Tower toile for the pockets. That Eiffel Tower print KILLS me - I love it so much. I really think I am going to frame some of it. I have a thing for the Eiffel Tower.

The other one is made from Amy Butler's Belle Acanthus. I've longed for this fabric for a long time and finally found it in stock. It's a good thing I bought a lot, because once I finished this bag, I knew I was going to have to make myself one too. I'm in love. I told my mother-in-law that if she didn't like it we could pick out something new for her and I would keep it. She loves it. How could she not? I actually made a cutting mistake on her's and the bag ended up a little smaller - and it's really very cute. I've been toying with the idea of developing a new pattern - a smaller version of the big bag. I definitely want to try it now.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!!

8 crafty mcCrafters commented:

sewtakeahike said...

they are both beautiful Amy! Your sis and mom are lucky to have you in the family for sure! That eiffel tower print is very cute, I agree!

Ellis Family said...

I LOVE THEM! You are amazing!!!!! You're the next Martha and the next Vera Bradley! :) BTW..........did you ever finish the table and chairs? I see you painted the chair blue - it was a pale yellow, right? POST IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I would have a really hard time parting with those too! Way too beautiful :)

Nicole said...

Beautiful! Every time I think I've seen my favorite fabric, I haven't.

Megan Young said...

Amy they both turned out soooo wonderful. I can't wait to hear of your mother and sister in laws responses. Hope you had a merry christmas.

Rheannan said...

i love all of them!

Dana said...

Such beautiful, beautiful bags. I don't suppose you would consider a trade? :)

melanie said...

oh, keep us posted on the bedding ideas. we'll hopefully FINALLY be in a house this summer and I'll be looking for lots of cute new things for everyone's rooms. you're work is way cute!

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