Monday, November 24, 2008

weekend sewing and a pillow tutorial

I don't know what got into my this weekend. But I lazed around in my new fleece jacket and sweats all day Saturday not really doing a whole lot.

Then I cut out 3 bags.

Then I almost completed one of them. (just one seam and some top-stitching to go.)

Then I worked on some placemat pillows.

Here's a *tutorial* for these pillows.
1. buy a placemat (for a couple bucks on clearance) - make sure it is 2 sided.
2. open up one end of the placemat. (I did these while I was on the phone.)
3. stuff with stuffing (also did while I was on the phone.)
4. topstitch close
5. display on bed, couch, chair, floor, etc.

Can you really call that a tutorial? It's so easy! I made these pillows last year from some napkins and placemats I found at Target.

The downside of this creative spurt is the insomnia. Last night and Saturday night I had a really hard time falling asleep. It was dreadful. Well, staying up late not so much, but the ensuing fatigue and malaise, not so fun. The monkey chatter in my head would not quiet down. I'm tired enough today (no nap) that hopefully it won't be a problem.

I forgot the not to moo part of that last post. I don't want to moo so I started working out again last week. The problem I find is that when I run, I am starving by 10 am and asleep by noon. I blame nursing - it really wears a person out making all that milk! But let me tell you about the revelation I had. Our laptop nestles onto the treadmill quite securely. I can watch online TV, dvds, or as I did last week, catch up on my blogging! I actually started that post while walking a brisk-ish pace. Now I don't have an excuse. Darn it.

6 crafty mcCrafters commented:

AmyF Hackworth said...

Hey! It's so fun to find you! I saw your comment on Design Mom. Thanks for saying nice things about us. I wish you could come over to our living room right this minute.

I love reading what you're up to and I LOVE what you're creating. I'm not very prolific right now, but we could totally be sewing friends.

And I just spent several minutes totally cracking up at cakewrecks. Thanks for the tip!

Love to you and your family!

Amy Hackworth

Karen said...

No way! I am going to find some placemats and napkins today! Thanks for the great idea Amy!

Sarah said...

Love the bags! I'm bringing my machine back home to my moms, so it's been packed up and I've been WITHOUT it for the last day and it's driving me mad!

Jenny said...

I see glimpses of my bag!!!! :) Can you tell I'm excited? ;)

Vanessa Contessa said...

Those are so great!! Too bad I can't even topstitch. I know, I'm disgrace to crafty moms everywhere-I really even shouldn't be in the club. Very productive weekend! My weekend? I saw Twilight 3 times and let the house get trashed. I think you win the "time better spent" award. However, I was with some of the YW for 2 of 3 showings, so does that count as service?

Cara said...

Your placemat idea is genius, but we don't expect any less from the Webbster.

I managed to get 3 curtain panels sewn. That's 3 windows down and 17 more to go! This house has way too many stinkin windows.

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