Wednesday, October 08, 2008

some down time

My mom is here! YAY!! She got here late last night and today was post-travel recovery day. It's nice to have her here while my husband is out of town. Alison loves her Grandma Suzie and was on top of the world today having BOTH grandmas at dinner.

I'm working towards my Etsy shop opening (how many things do you really need to have to have a grand opening?), a giveaway, organizing my ever-growing fabric stash, a comforter cover, a crocheted scarf and the table above is about to have a makeover (it involves paint, Heather Bailey fabric and iron-on vinyl). It will be shock and awe, I tell ya.

I plan on posting more pictures of some projects we are going to be working on. My mom has a beautiful quilt that I need to photograph, and I have some other pics of things I am working on and a few things I've actually finished. But alas, as I am now "entertaining" I can't sit at the computer and blog all day, I actually made dinner and another pie tonight (Pear Apple Pie, to be exact). But don't worry, I'll be in touch.

P.S. remind me to tell you the discovery I made re: potential energy and fabric

P.P.S. what are you working on right now?

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buttercup said...

I LOVE your Mom! Say hi to her for me!

You amaze me with your multitasking brilliance!

Let's see. I am currently working on rearranging my house. We are ripping up carpet and flooring to reveal beautiful hardwood floors and we are trying to reaarange the house so that we all fit in it better right now. It is slow going but we hope to have it done somewhere between the next 2 weeks and Thanksgiving!

Rheannan said...

youre cute!
I hope you and the kids have fun with your mom!

Mary said...

It is really unfortunate that I am not on the ball enough to comment on your blog in a timely manner because then I have to repeat what everyone else says. But, I love your mom, too! And I want you to say hi to her from me, too! Tell her thanks for feeding me dinner every Sunday for an entire summer! Good luck on all of your projects. We have a lot of that going on here as well, only they are not going on because I have no one to hold the baby, who is now crying. I know, sad.

Vanessa Contessa said...


Hope your pie turned out. YUMMY!

I DO want to know all about energy and fabric!

Oh, and I'm working on my photography website and my next entry for Iron Cupcake:cheese. Any ideas?

sewtakeahike said...

Hi Amy, I hope your visit with your mom is fabulous!

Jenny said...

I love that table! I can't wait to see what you do with it! Good luck with your projects. Tell your mom hi for me. Just add me to the list!:)

Sandi Linn Andersen said...

Hi Amy, I came over from Juicy Bits. I had to see who "amylouwho" was! :-) Have fun with your mom! What am I working on? well, I am trying to clean my sewing room so I can work on my cottage blocks for the swap at Freda's Hive. I have a weekend with nothing scheduled so I am hoping to get a lot of things done (and I did my cleaning over the last three days so I am really free this weekend!).

Debbie said...

How fun to be with your mom! There is nothing like a MOM!!!

What I am I working on, nothing exciting... ALWAYS trying to keep my house in ORDER!!!!

TheAkersFam said...

Hi Mom! Hope you all have a wonderful visit and make sure you leave with a full tank of Grandkid Lovin!

Amy... so, in my little crazy world, I somehow missed your post on opening your shop? Is it a brick and mortar shop or an online one?! I am so excited for you!

Oh, and by the way, I REALLY want a bag! I think they are adorable!

Amy said...

I am so glad your mom is there to visit. The time that I met her she is a joy to be around. I hope you have a wonderful time, and I am sure you will. Give the kids a kiss and hug from me. Miss ya.

Amy said...

Enjoy having your mom there. I hope you get a bunch of well-deserved down time!

Carla Anne said...

Saw the chair, loved the chair, want the chair!(well not really I am really excited to have lunch on your deck next spring using your new fabulous dinning set!)Looks really good!

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