Wednesday, September 17, 2008

blog finds

I want to make THESE. (cute storage?! what a concept!)

And win these. (amy butler + baby + pj's = all my favorite things.)

From two new blogs I discovered today. If I would spend as much time creating as I do blogging/bloghopping maybe my project list wouldn't be so long.

At least I got the grocery shopping done and stowed away.

2 crafty mcCrafters commented:

Valerie said...

Amen. On the part about if we would all spend as much time creating as we do blogging/bloghopping. Not only does my bloghopping time take away from the creating, but by bloghopping, I get so many ideas every day of things I want to make, so my creating list just keeps getting longer! :)

Julie said...

love those p.j.s!!! & what a fun idea for ugly crates!!!

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