Thursday, August 21, 2008

my breakfast

Because I can't have cow's milk products while I am nursing, I have been searching for ways to fill the void of cheese in my life. I love cheese. I've always loved it and then I lived in Europe and then I found out just how much I really love it!

When I figured out that going without dairy would help my fussy, spit-uppy baby I was shocked at how difficult it was to go without. And really just how much dairy I was consuming. I would never do it for dieting purposes - but for my baby? Anything. (plus, I was tired of all the spitup laundry.)

I discovered goat cheese 2 nights ago. I'd had some bad experiences with it before and hadn't really explored it. My good friend Darci came over and she's off dairy too so she had brought some goat's milk Parmesan and a regular log of goat cheese. I was SHOCKED at how smooth, creamy, mild and NOT disgusting it was! I was in love. It's really great on pizza! (w/ fresh tomatoes and basil, mmmm)

When I was at the grocery store yesterday I spied a jar of fig spread, basically a jam. My Italiano-phile brother had introduced me to the beauty of fig jam with cheese on a baguette (sidenote: red currant jelly and brie is also delicioso!).

Which brings us back to my breakfast: fresh baked demi-baguette, schmear of goat cheese, topped with a layer of fig jam. Oh my. You must try it.

3 crafty mcCrafters commented:

BumbleBee Bagz said...

yyyyuuuummmmyyyy! I am definately going to try this!

Julie said...

Oh yeah, goat cheese on pizza is the best!!! This is what they use on pizza in Panama and it is better than any pizza I've ever had. It is a unique flavor and I LOVE it!!! Glad you discovered it too!

Sarah said...

Goat cheese is by far my favorite cheese these days! Julie is right...goat cheese on pizza IS the best!

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