Friday, August 22, 2008


I thought I would share how easy it is to make your own baby food. I know, this post has nothing to do with sewing or fabric - but it does have something to do with being resourceful! And I needed a break from the bumper pad ties.

Some people think I am a little nutty or an over-achiever for making my own baby food. Really, I'm just cheap. And I like food that tastes good. And I assume my babies do too. Have you ever tasted baby food green beans? blech. No wonder they don't like them. But whip it up yourself from fresh beans, or even frozen and it's a whole different story.

This morning I did sweet potatoes. I was already in sweet potato mode as I was making this recipe for myself (this is a great blog).
Peel and chop several sweet potatoes, I used 3 large ones today. Steam them until they are bright orange and soft when poked with a fork. About 5-10 minutes. I have a steamer pot - but you can just do it in a regular pot with a little bit of water on the bottom.

Transfer potatoes to the bowl of a food processor or blender. I only have a small one so I have to do it in a few batches. Add some of the cooking water back in to help the blending process. I don't like to add too much because then your final product is too runny.

Puree until smooth. Little hands like to help with this part.

Spoon the puree into ice cube trays to freeze into manageable portions. When frozen, transfer to a freezer bag. I put all different kinds in the bag, you can tell which are carrots vs. sweet potatoes vs. squash. This batch made up enough to fill about 2 trays.

When you are ready to feed the baby - just take out one, two, three, depending on how much your baby eats - and thaw. I prefer not to use the microwave. They thaw pretty quickly on their own. You can make a mixed veggie dinner or combine with cereal or just have it plain.

I've used this method with fresh produce as well as frozen and it all tastes better than the pre-packaged stuff. As far as fruit goes - you can pretty much use the same method. Although, I do just buy regular unsweetened applesauce in a jar - it's pretty cheap.

So wow all of your friends and put on your super-mom cape and get to it! All in all, this takes about 20 minutes.

Don't you think sweet potatoes are photogenic?

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Mary said...

I make my own baby food, too! But I haven't started solids with my current little monster. It is funny how much we like the same things and haven't seen each other for years. I wish that I could be your friend. I got jealous when I saw your friend modeling your nursing cover because I want to come over to your house and sew and play Cranium with you -- and even pick some things up for you at the store so you don't have to get that baby out of the car seat too many times.

Jenny said...

Thanks, Amy! Tried this tonight for the first time. Worked out.:)

angela said...

Just found your blog...I enjoy it here, it's nice. I made my own baby food when my munchkins were little. It does taste sooooo much better, and it's quick and easy...and cheaper!

Jessica Levitt said...

Oh...good for you. i have to admit I've been super-lazy with my second baby and we use jarred food much more. We hardly ever did with Aurora.

But i tend to try to do it all at "vegetable day" it take much more than 20 minutes. Plus I REALLY need a bigger food processor. :)

Alicia said...
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Alicia said...

You may have just inpired me to be an over-achiever and start making my own baby food. Not that my kids are babies anymore...but I heard that you can do this to secretly add fruits and veggies to your kids' favorite dishes like mac 'n cheese or spaghetti and get even picky eaters to eat their greens (and oranges and yellows...)

Unknown said...

Mary - oh yes, we need to hang out again soon - it's been WAY too long. Maybe we can coordinate a visit to UT at the same time.

Jenny - Glad it worked out!!

~ang - thanks for stopping by!

jessica - I've gotten lazier this time around too. I try to just cook extra of whatever I'm already making for dinner so I don't have to plan too much extra time. Doesn't always work out that way though.

Alicia - yes you can do that! I put sweet potatoes in some Kraft mac n cheese and it was SO good. I was really surprised how creamy it ended up.

Vanessa Contessa said...

I made all of Sydney's baby food- she hated the jarred stuff with passion. Her favorite? Pureed soybeans and peas combined. With Vivie I just ran whatever veggie I made for us through the baby mill and then thinned it down with water or milk.

I've also used the "secret slip in" method with squash and sweet potatoes into mac and cheese or spaghetti sauce. It works pretty well... just don't let em catch you dumping it in!

Anonymous said...

It's a great idea. I didn't make my own food with my first son (I lived in NYC and good food was readily available for take out). This time (nine years later) I did mostly make my own. I fully agree that it tastes better - it's much more cost effective and less gross!

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