Saturday, October 06, 2007

Projects in Progress

My fabric was starting to pile up so I decided I needed to get the projects done to get rid of it insteading of finding a place to store it! (And so I can start new projects!) So here are today's accomplishments.

I bought napkins at Target in the spring to make pillows for my couches. Well, I hadn't gotten to them yet and then I saw the placemats on clearance last week. So I opened up one end and stuffed it and sewed it back up! VOILA! a pillow! It looks cute. So this is a project in progess because I have several more pillows to make. I'll take pics when they're done.
This is a bag for my sister-in-law's pink iBook. She loves pink. She has a pink scooter. She loves Paris (click on pic to see interior fabric). This bag has her name all over it. I just need to find something for the strap and it will be finished! I think I need to get more fabric so I can make one for myself.

1 crafty mcCrafters commented:

Julie said...

These are cool, you are so talented!!!
Are you in town yet? Let's get together :)

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