Saturday, August 04, 2007

New Hobby

I had a short stint at a local bead shop helping them with their inventory on the computer. Nothing related to beading - just paperwork. Somehow I managed to get caught up in the fun of making stuff! It's really great. I draw inspiration from working behind the jewelry counter at the Sundance Catalog outlet. Here's a few things that I made.

THis is the first bracelet I sold - Thanks Gia!
Turquoise howlite and red coral with sterling silver accents.

I just loved this center stone - labrodorite or something. The rest is sterling, peridot and smokey topaz. I think the green and brown are so nice together.

Red and Turquoise are big this season - this necklace is the sibling to that first bracelet.

I love these earrings, I wear them all the time. I even learned how to make earwires. Turquoise and smokey topaz.

And this, is my favorite! Not only is it my signature color but it's been dubbed the "betty rubble".

4 crafty mcCrafters commented:

TheAkersFam said...

I LOVE THEM! So awesome! Can I commission a piece? And do they have birthstones? I would love something with all my boy's birthstones!

GREAT work! You have a great eye for fashion!


Unknown said...


What are there birthstones - I may be able to do something for you, of course!

Have you looked at Charlotte's blog with all of her own wedding details? It is so cool. And Heather and Melanie were there - it was cool to see them. It's nice to see that you all haven't really changed that much - that means there's hope for me!

Anonymous said...

I so LOVE my new earrings! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I'll have to hire you to make me some cool jewelry. I love the topaz and turquoise earrings!

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