Friday, May 18, 2007

A couple good quotes

A man's wealth is measured by what he doesn't need.
H. D. Thoreau

So true - stuff just accumulates and makes our homes and lives messy.

and another ...

The man who does not read books has no advantage over the man
who cannot read them.
Mark Twain.

I read a thing about Paulo Coehlo and how he takes books from his home and leaves them in public places for people to find. I would love to come across one of his books - especially if it were in Paris! He's keeping his clutter to a minimum too! Here's an excerpt:

PARIS (AP) -- Paulo Coelho hates seeing books neglected, gathering dust on his shelves. And so he leaves most of what he reads in parks, bus stations, his local Japanese restaurant, for random readers to find.

"One day the shelves in my apartment collapsed, and I saw all my books on the floor, and I thought to myself, why do I have these books, to impress my friends?" the author of "The Alchemist" said, explaining how he lugs bags of books around to give them away. "I feel a book must travel."

And so the walls of Coelho's otherwise luxurious Paris apartment are lined with near-empty wooden bookcases, giving the place a strangely spare atmosphere despite the moldings, high ceilings and carefully arranged sofa cushions. Read the rest.

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